The IPFM Global Network has the main objective of establishing a worldwide web of business consultants, advisors, accountants, auditors, tax specialists and educators.

Our common philosophy is to share knowledge for the advancement of business for the greater benefit of nations.

The IPFM Global Network idea cropped up from members of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM), a British Institute established in 1992. The Institute of Professional Financial Managers provides an organization for professional financial managers. The IPFM sets out to fill the niche market between the accountancy and treasury management professions. The IPFM has more than 10,000 members over more than 40 countries and has representatives in 30 countries. World Council members are listed on the World Council page. A list of worldwide representatives is provided in the Representatives page

The IPFM Global Network attempts to bring together independent firms and organisations whose main aim is to serve their clients locally while helping them to connect with firms on a global scale depending on the country where they want to invest or start business. All firms are independent of each other and are committed to providing services that meet professional standards.

While all network members are independent, the IPFM Global Network is passionate to act as a platform for the provision of services, knowledge sharing and information exchange in the fields of accountancy, auditing, taxation, consulting, corporate finance, business education and related activities. The network can be used by business enterprises to find competent specialists who may help them to penetrate local markets. The network also provides an excellent opportunity for business referrals.

Regional Strength

Alliance Strength Across World Regions

The IPFM Global Network is a global alliance of organizations that has members in all world regions including: Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Member organizations specialise in providing professional services to stakeholders in their local markets, but by cooperating with the IPFM Global Network they are able to pool their resources to win, retain and service organizations that are involved in cross border activities.

The IPFM Global Network provides an opportunity for personal contact necessary to build relationships based on trust that result in the confidence to refer within the group and to develop client business.

The development of technical know-how, soft skills including communication, marketing and business development as well as the cultural awareness that is necessary when doing business in unfamiliar locations is facilitated for members.

Members in our worldwide group are required to maintain best practice that will ensure they have a competitive edge in servicing new and existing clients.